Importance of Housing

Hi everyone!

Jody here from CDSS. This Giving Tuesday I want to talk to you about the importance of housing and living independently.

When I was young it was always my goal to move out from home and live independently. I communicated to my family that this was a big goal of mine at an early age and now I have been living independently with a roommate for 6 years!

Living independently means I am responsible for cleaning, buying food, banking, and cooking. I cook on my own, though I hate cooking, my way of cooking is the microwave! But I love to bake.

Living independently makes me feel amazingly awesome! It shows people that I am an independent woman. People look up to that and that makes a big difference for everyone.

Jody at the bank

I always have goals to make and work towards. When I had the goal of living independently, the first step was talking to my family. If you want to move out, talk to your family or friends to help you with the first steps. It’s always important to have a good support team to help with being independent. It would be very hard to do it alone. Everyone needs that support team, not just people with Down syndrome.

I started looking at places with my family to find the best place to live. It took a while to find, but I was able to have input in what I wanted and where. It is important to talk to people about what you want, you are the one that is going to be living there.

Another support I had was someone helped me with budgeting and managing my receipts. This is a big part of being independent.

Now I am working towards owning my own apartment. Every time I get my paycheque I split it up, part of it goes to pay for my rent for that month, and the other goes into savings. Having a job is also a huge part of being independent. It helps me pay my bills on time. Always pay your rent on time…never forget!!

Living independently means so much to me. It helps prove to myself, family and society that people with disabilities can live independently.

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog!



Jody in her apartment