Bullying Awareness Day- Choose Caring

Hello everyone,

Since it is Bullying Awareness Day this week, I have been thinking a lot about bullying and talking about bullying with my support and with my coworkers at CDSS. I feel very strongly about bullying because I had some experience of being bullied when I was younger and in school. When I was being bullied, I felt very sad and nearly in tears sometimes, so I know how serious it can be and how important it is for everyone to know more about this problem. I was lucky that there were a lot of adults around, and when I told people about the way I felt and that I was being bullied, they were able to help me right away. If you are being bullied, there is always someone who can help you and listen to you. They can help you to feel better and help to make the bullying stop and that it won’t happen again.

I think that people become bullies for a lot of different reasons: they might learn from tv or from their computers, or they might have seen other people in their life being a bully. I think that being a bully comes from being sad or unhappy, or maybe not being very confident so even though I don’t like when people are bullies, I feel a little bit sorry for them. If a bully was to be sorry and apologize to me, I think that I would be really happy and proud, and maybe if they don’t continue to do something like that, we might even be able to be friends.

It is not easy to stand up to bullies, I know that. It takes a lot of courage but we need to stand up and say, “cut it out!” Here are some tips if you are being bullied:

  1. If you are being bullied, talk to someone so that they can tell others or they can help you. That way you won’t feel so alone when you are being bullied.
  2. If you see someone else being bullied, you have to do the same thing! Tell someone! You can also be a good friend to the person who is being bullied.
  3. If one of your friends isn’t being nice to others, you can tell them and ask them to not do that anymore, and by standing your ground you can let them know that it isn’t okay to be mean to other people

Bullying Awareness Day is a great day, and all people should stand up to bullying every time we see it! If we do the right thing for our friends, we can know and understand each other better and make bullying gone from our city, our province, and our country!

Paul Sawka