A Letter To My Family

Hello everyone,

I am grateful to my whole family, and I love being with my family at Christmas or any holiday. This year, I wanted to write a letter to say thank you to my mom, my dad and sister since Christmas is a time for family and good friends.

Dear family,

Christmas is a special time for the heart and for caring, a time when we should be grateful, and I am very grateful for you.

Mom and Dad, I am grateful for the way that you raised me as a child. You always made me feel special and safe and helped me to learn new skills and new things. Being able to go to school where my mom was a teacher made me feel happy and proud. Dad, I love building things with and being woodworking men together, I know that it is something that you have always loved and now you have got me doing the same thing!

I thank you both for helping me to graduate from all the schools that I went to because they have helped me with the skills that I needed to get a good job and to work here at CDSS. Being a good Awareness Leader and having a career is very important to me, and you always help me to be independent. Even though we don’t live in the same house anymore I think of you every time that I do my own laundry, cooking, or cleaning because you taught me all those skills.

My sister Amy, you are wonderful and beautiful. We used to hug each other and play together, and I loved that so much when we were kids. Sometimes when we were young, I know we used fight or argue because we are feeling hotheaded or something like that, but we have always been close friends and we don’t argue as much anymore now that we are older. We take good care of each other, and I love spending time with you.

The reason why you are so special Amy is because I look at you and see all the wonderful parts of you that are inside. Anyone can tell that you are meant to be special from the time that you were born. I missed you when you were away at university, and I was so happy because you came back. I am proud that we are siblings.

Over the holidays, the traditions we share together like going to Granny’s for her famous borscht or being together for Christmas breakfast or going to church on Christmas Eve are important to me. The very best part of Christmas is opening presents and stockings, but it is special because we are all together as a family. I love you all very much and I care about you and I can’t wait for the holidays to spend more time with you all.

Love, Paul Sawka


I’d like to encourage others who are grateful for their family and friends to write them a letter at this special time of the year too. It is a wonderful gift to send and receive.

Merry Christmas!