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The Canadian Down Syndrome Society supports the diverse and growing community of over 45,000 children and adults with Down syndrome in Canada.


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Advocacy & Inclusion

The CDSS community is more than just children and adults with Down syndrome. It includes their families and loved ones, the health, education and employment professionals who provide care for them throughout life, and the general public who wants to learn how to #SeeTheAbility. Regardless of whether you are an adult living with Down syndrome, know someone who has Down syndrome, or just want to learn more, CDSS is here for you. You help us create a Canada where people with Down syndrome can thrive in. There are two important things that drive growth on our community: Advocacy and Inclusion.

Advocacy helps bring awareness and dispels myths and stereotypes. It allows us to empower Canadians to speak out for the Down syndrome community. Advocacy enables parents, siblings, family members, and of course, self-advocates – people living with Down syndrome – use their voice in their community and create a community that supports diversity of people.

Inclusion allows all people a place in society, allowing people the freedom to grow, succeed, and contribute. From the classroom to the workplace, we want people with disabilities to have similar equitable opportunities as the general public. Inclusion helps CDSS reach our vision, where “all people are valued, fully participating citizens.”


We work tirelessly to maintain relationships with and support local groups and affiliates in communities right across Canada.


Our contributors spend hours providing information about new and exciting advancements within the Canadian Down syndrome community.