Giving Tuesday 2022 at CDSS

Canadians with Down Syndrome Want to Work

Let’s get down to work this Giving Tuesday to help Canadians with Down syndrome connect to actively hiring employers. Everyone deserves the chance to feel the purpose and pride that comes with making contributions at work. Why should people with Down syndrome be left out? 

Over 50% of Canadians with Down syndrome can’t find a paying job.

By investing in Inployable, the world’s first-ever Down syndrome employment network on LinkedIn, you will be a part of creating a much-needed resource for current and future generations. 

Job-seeking Canadians with Down syndrome can join the Inployable network for free, where they can connect with employers and gain access to special profile features to help with the recruitment process. 

Support the First-Ever Down Syndrome Employment Network on LinkedIn

Help us give Canadians with Down syndrome the chance to find employment. This Giving Tuesday, make a gift to support the growth of the Inployable network. There is an untapped workforce out there eager to contribute their skills – let’s help employers find them!

Thank you for your generous donation this Giving Tuesday

About Inployable

Launched in October 2022 for Down Syndrome Awareness Week, Inployable is a first-of-its-kind digital employment network for Canadians with Down syndrome. 

A person with Down syndrome can have their LinkedIn profile enhanced and added to the Inployable network by one of our LinkedIn Coaches. Inployable LinkedIn profiles receive the Inployable designation profile image, along with the Inployable Pop-Up Button that provides key recruitment information (such as caregiver contact information.)

If you or someone you know with Down syndrome is looking for employment, please feel free to join Inployable.com.

Inployable employment network for Canadians with down syndrome - cdss.ca