COVID-19 Information

Canadian Down Syndrome Society COVID-19 Resources

The Canadian Down Syndrome Society strives to provide the most up to date and accurate information about COVID-19 to help individuals and families respond to the demands of the situation.  Visit your provincial health authority websites for the latest updates in your community.

Canadian Down Syndrome Society Statements on COVID-19

This statement encompasses the Canadian Down Syndrome Society’s (CDSS) commitment to and continued strong focus on the human rights of individuals with Down syndrome. At this difficult time, we call on and encourage Canadian governments and regional ethics committees to ensure basic human rights are upheld.

You can download CDSS Human Rights Statement here.
Human Rights Statement: A Response to the COVID-19 Crisis in Canada Focusing on the Health & Well-Being of Persons with Down Syndrome

CDSS’ Paul Sawka Talks About COVID-19

Many things changed for Paul since the COVID-19 outbreak in Canada.
Read about Paul’s experience and how he has been staying busy and staying healthy

Health Care Access Research and Developmental Disabilities (HCARDD)

  • Things to Know About the COVID Vaccine
  • What Happens When I Get the Covid Vaccine

Government of Canada

COVID-19 is a serious health threat, and the situation is evolving daily. The risk will vary between and within communities. Some Canadians are more at risk of developing severe complications from COVID-19 due to underlying medical conditions and age.
You could read more on the Government of Canada’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) disease site

The Global Down Syndrome Foundation

The Global Down Syndrome Foundation has provided some information about COVID-19 and the risk for people with Down syndrome. We encourage you to share the information in this document with your family, friends, educational and medical providers, and others within the Down syndrome community.
You can read more on the Global Down Syndrome Foundation website

Down Syndrome International (DSI)

According to DSI, not enough is known about COVID-19 to make informed and accurate comment about any specific link or effects it may have on people with Down syndrome. DSI is keeping up to date with information from relevant health and scientific organizations.

You can read more on DSI’s Down Syndrome and Coronavirus (COVID-19) website

Health Care Access Research and Developmental Disabilities (HCARDD)

There is lots of talk right now about COVID-19 or the Coronavirus. We may come across lots of information out there, but it is not always easy to understand and it can be confusing. Our team is pulling together resources from around the world and information to support people with developmental disabilities and their families during this time.
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COVID-19 & Down Syndrome, Notes from Dr. Skotko

Ally and good friend of the Down syndrome community and CDSS, Dr. Skotko MD,MPP, often shares valuable information pieces like this one.
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Brain POP COVID-19 Video

In this short, easy to understand video, you can learn about the facts about COVID-19 and there are additional links to fun games, quizzes and worksheets to help discuss and understand COVID -19.

COVID-19 Testing

Down Syndrome Resource Foundation (DSRF)
Preparing Your Loved One with Down Syndrome for a COVID-19 Test

ASERT (Autism Services, Education, Resources and Training in Pennsylvania, US)
Getting Tested for COVID-19 Social Story

CAMH COVID-19 Self-help Booklet Series

The Self-help Booklet Series is for people with intellectual disabilities and can be used with the support of family members, friends, staff, and health care professionals. The booklets are intended to give people with intellectual disabilities an opportunity to talk through their feelings and make plans for staying well at this difficult time.

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