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Meet Our Newest VATTA Member, Gabriel!

We are excited to introduce our first French-speaking member of VATTA! If you want to read his blog in English, scroll down on this page to see the English introduction.   Bonjour, Mon nom est Gabriel de Villers-Matte, j'ai 20 ans et je suis né en Abitibi et je demeure...

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Self-Advocacy – What Does it Mean?

  At the last VATTA meeting, the Lifestyles Committee was given a task. It was to answer the question “What is a self-advocate?” First, let's start by explaining what an advocate is. An advocate is someone who stands up for rights. They use their voice to make...

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Being Professional At Work

I respect myself, my job, my employer, and my paycheque! That is why I like to be professional at my job. Being professional is very important when you are going to job interviews and when you are at work. Becoming professional is a learning experience...

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Starting Your Own Business

I am a business owner. I started my own business, Photos Galore, in 2007.  Starting a business is a lot of hard work, and is not for everyone. But if you think it might be for you, keep reading this blog to find out some...

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