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The CONNECTION is a passionate, generous group invested in creating a better future for Canadians with Down syndrome

Your monthly donation is a catalyst for change and gives us the ability and security to plan for the future.

By joining The CONNECTION, you will be making it possible to create the programs, resources, and opportunities that Canadians with Down syndrome are asking for to lead engaging and fulfilled lives.

$25 / Month

You’ll be helping to share essential Down syndrome research, professional advice, and personal perspectives from the community with thousands of people through national publications like 3.21 Magazine.

$50 / Month

You’ll be giving families across Canada the accurate and up-to-date information about Down syndrome they are searching for through resources like 21 Welcomes for new parents.

$100 / Month

You’ll be providing Canadians with Down syndrome access to programs that support an engaged, healthy life, like connecting to job opportunities through Inployable or building healthy habits through Mindsets.

Thank you for helping to build a more inclusive future.