Healthy Aging

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These resources were designed to support healthy aging for adults with Down syndrome. The links below include some up-to-date information regarding aging, but as more research and support is made available, ideas and best practice may change. By being proactive and learning about issues that may lie ahead you can look forward to a positive aging experience for all.

CDSS Today & Tomorrow A Guide to Aging with Down Syndrome

Navigate the next stage of life with useful information, resources and community stories. This resource was designed to help people with Down syndrome and the people who care for them to learn about the aging process and to plan and prepare for the future.




Our team is working hard to bring you a new edition of the trusted resource, Today and Tomorrow: A Guide to Aging with Down Syndrome. This important update will include new health studies, expanded coverage of mental and physical health topics, and more experiences from the community. 

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Overview of Health Concerns for Adults with Down Syndrome

Adults with Down syndrome generally face many of the same health concerns as everyone else.  However, there are a few health concerns that can be more common as a person with Down syndrome ages.

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Life and Behaviour Changes in Adulthood

Behaviour is a form of communication for everyone but especially for people with Down syndrome.  If there has been a gradual or sudden change in your loved one’s behaviour, this may indicate they are experiencing the initial signs of aging.

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Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease can be more common for people with Down syndrome than the general population due to the presence of extra genetic material in the 21st chromosome.

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Talking about Death—A Parent’s Guide

A period of grief is often associated with the death of a close family member, friend, or pet. We all grieve in a different way and in our own time and so do people with Down syndrome.

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Aging with Down Syndrome, One Family’s Perspective