Anything But Sorry

Anything But Sorry Campaign


In 2017 the CDSS partnered to create a dynamic and powerful marketing campaign with the intent to shock people. To do this we created the “Anything But Sorry” campaign. The goal of this campaign is to show Canadians that the only wrong way to welcome a baby into the world is by saying sorry, something many families hear after finding out their new baby has Down syndrome. 


Anything But Sorry:
The ‘S’ Word


This video contains inappropriate language

What do you say to parents who just had a child with Down syndrome? You can say almost anything, but the only bad word you can say is “Sorry”.

Why Sorry Is A Bad Word

This video showcases the parents of the adult actors who were featured in the Anything But Sorry campaign. They share their personal thoughts and experiences on why sorry is a bad word. When a baby is born with Down syndrome, instead of being showered with the oohs, aahs and congratulations parents are often met with “Sorry.” This is the last thing a new parent wants to hear. This is a time to celebrate, so say anything but sorry.

Anything But Sorry: Brooklyn’s Story

No new baby should be welcomed with “Sorry.” The Blacklock family discusses how hearing those words can be devastating, but a Down syndrome determination doesn’t define a child.

Anything But Sorry: Julian’s Story

No new baby should be welcomed with “Sorry”. The Alvaro family talks about how a lack of education and misinformation from their doctor implies that Julian is suffering, but he’s far from suffering.

Anything But Sorry: Leo’s Story

No new baby should be welcomed with “Sorry.” Hear the Tarr family talk about how those words impacted them and how they overcame them with support from their family.

Anything But Sorry: Thank You

What can we say to everyone who helped share our message for Canadian Down Syndrome Week? It’s “Thank you”!

21 Welcomes

We have developed a package for new parents that is informative, welcoming and positive. This year alone 9,363 babies were born with Down syndrome in North America. In Canada it is estimated that 500 babies will be born with Down syndrome this year. Not only do we want to ensure that each baby is welcomed properly, but we want to share our New Parent Package with each of these families.

If you are welcoming your new baby please be sure to look at our resources for Parents of Babies with Down syndrome. This section of the website with walk you through all stages of life.

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