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World Down Syndrome Day March 21st

This year on World Down Syndrome Day 2024, we are asking supporters around the world to call for an end to stereotypes! People with Down syndrome and intellectual disabilities encounter stereotypes every day. This can lead to people with disabilities being underestimated, excluded, treated poorly, and even abused. Join us in creating a single, global voice on March 21st by sharing the #EndTheStereotypes message and showing the world that everyone is different and everyone has something unique to contribute.

“Some people think that people with Down syndrome can’t live ‘normal’ lives. That’s wrong! And what is ‘normal’ anyway? My life is similar to lots of my family and friends. I went to my local school, I’m involved in a local orchestra and the scouts. I am training to be a teaching assistant. All of this for me is ‘normal’, just like everyone else.”


Pearl, Switzerland


World Down Syndrome Day

Events and Fundraisers

There are many ways you can raise awareness, educate the community about Down syndrome, and show your support for life-changing programs this March!

Enjoy your Daymaker coffee with an extra kick! 

During March, Daymaker Coffee Roasters is donating 25% of all coffee sales to CDSS! We are proud to announce this new partnership with a company committed to our community.

Wear your CDSS mismatched socks in March

Wear your mismatched socks in March to raise awareness and start conversations! Our friends at Friday Sock Co donate 100% of the CDSS sock sale profits to our programs.

“Why do people think that people with Down syndrome can’t work? They also think we shouldn’t get paid! I work hard and I deserve to be paid.”


Muthoni, Kenya


Share Down Syndrome Information

Help to raise awareness and combat misconceptions about life with Down syndrome. Share these social media posts, posters, and printable pages with your community.

Print and Share Posters

Down Syndrome Answers

The best way to learn about Down syndrome is by listening to self advocates! Please watch and share these answers to the most common questions asked about Down syndrome.

“I used to work at a primary school. I was hoping to help with the school newsletters on the office computer. I presented my CV to the receptionist to show her what I can do. She asked me, “Who did this for you?” I told to her I did it. She did not believe that I made the CV and she did not let me help her.”


Andrew, New Zealand


World Down Syndrome Day Resources for Educators


This will help you lead a discussion focusing on awareness, acceptance and celebrating Down syndrome in the classroom and the community. Our teaching plan includes classroom and individual activities and includes printable handouts.

Duration: 45-60 minutes

About Down Syndrome Presentation

A great resource for WDSD and throughout the year to learn about Down syndrome and how we are more alike than we are different!

Duration: 10 minutes

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Présentation À propos de la trisomie 21 (Francais)

Support the Down Syndrome Community in Canada

Make a gift this March to support life-changing CDSS programs. Canadians with Down syndrome look to us every day for answers, resources, and assistance. Help us to provide the programs they need to succeed at every stage of life.