Down Syndrome Publications

The Canadian Down Syndrome Society prides itself in developing useful resources for the Down syndrome and disabilities community.


Down Syndrome Reading Materials

The CDSS team has developed a number of high-quality Down syndrome reading materials for parents, educators, employers, advocates and self-advocates alike.

CDSS publishes helpful brochures to inform stakeholders with specific interests.

CDSS regularly circulates information to keep stakeholders up to date on important issues. Click here for your free subscription!

CDSS has developed detailed packages on popular topics to better inform advocates and self advocates.


Mind & Body: Answers To Your Questions

Are you a self-advocate or teenager with Down syndrome? This book is all about YOU! The Canadian Down Syndrome Society has made Mind and Body. It is a book that will help you learn about your body, relationships, growing up, and keeping yourself safe.

Note: Mind & Body: Answers To Your Questions will explore any questions about relationships, sexual health, safety, and growing up that people with Down syndrome and other developmental disabilities may have. The book was developed in consultation with various organizations and groups in the fields of sexual health and disabilities. Prior to purchasing, we recommend that all interested download the Table of Contents to find out more.

Download Mind & Body: Answers to Your Questions

Download L’esprit et le corps : Des Réponses à Tes Questions

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Educators, please see our curriculum guide to Mind & Body in our Teachers & Schools section.

Educator Package

The Canadian Down Syndrome Society has put together this resource to assist educators and parents in their journey towards a fully inclusive classroom. If this is your first time working with a student with differing abilities, you are going to experience the satisfaction of teaching students with exceptionalities. If you have experience teaching a diverse group of students, this resource will offer tried and true practical tips and suggestions.

Download the Educator Package

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Visit the Teachers & Schools section for more resources for educators.

New Parent Package

The Canadian Down Syndrome Society has a New Parent Package available for new and expectant parents. This package, revamped in 2016, offers relevant information for parents and the exclusive book 21 Welcomes, which features personal stories from parents, siblings, grandparents, and people with Down syndrome.

Download the New Parent Package

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Visit the New Parents section for more resources for new and expectant parents.

Aging Package

Download Today & Tomorrow: A Guide to Aging With Down Syndrome by The Canadian Down Syndrome Society