Immigration FAQs

Are you or a loved one with Down syndrome looking to come to Canada? We’ve compiled some common questions about immigration for an individual with Down syndrome.

How can a person with Down syndrome immigrate to Canada from another country?

People with Down syndrome can apply to immigrate to Canada. Contact the Canadian embassy, high commission, or consulate in your area, for assistance. Find your embassy or consulate here. Visit the Government of Canada’s website for more information.

Does having Down syndrome make it harder or easier to come to Canada?

The Government of Canada does not automatically say no to applications which include a person has Down syndrome. The application process is the same for everyone, and having Down syndrome does not allow a person to come to Canada faster or guarantee that they will be able to immigrate. A score is given to each application based on different categories and all applications have to meet the same requirements to immigrate into the country.

Can you help a person with Down syndrome come to Canada?

The Canadian Down Syndrome Society does not make decisions about who gets to immigrate to Canada and we do not assist with applications. Canadian embassies, high commissions, or consulates can assist you.

What if I live in Canada and there is someone with Down syndrome in another country who I want to immigrate here?

If you live in Canada, you can apply to sponsor someone to move into the country. This is different than an application to immigrate to Canada. You can find more information about sponsorship here. The Canadian embassy, high commission, or consulate in the country where your loved one lives can give you information about sponsorship requirements. Find an embassy or consulate here.

I am taking care of someone with Down syndrome and I need money to care for them or to move them to Canada. Can you help?

CDSS does not give money to individuals or families. To find out if there are supports for people with Down syndrome near you, contact a Down Syndrome International member organization in your area.

I want to send my child with Down syndrome to a school in Canada. How can I do this?

The Canadian Down Syndrome Society does not provide a school and there is no school in Canada specifically for children with Down syndrome. In Canada, students with Down syndrome go to neighbourhood schools with supports as needed or different lessons. Children of families who live in Canada can attend local schools.

I would like to visit or volunteer with the Canadian Down Syndrome Society while I’m visiting Canada. Where should I go?

We operate virtually and we do not have a physical office for visitors or volunteers. We do not provide any direct services.

I am moving to Canada with a loved one with Down syndrome. Can you take care of them when we get here?

We do not take care of people with Down syndrome. If your loved one has any health problems, please contact a doctor. Government supports for early intervention programs, speech or movement, can be found in most parts of Canada. There may be waitlists for service. There may be local supports for adults with Down syndrome. For more information, please contact us at +01-403-270-8500 or via email at info@cdss.ca.

What financial support is there for people with Down syndrome in Canada?

In Canada, supports are available for people with Down syndrome at the federal, provincial, and municipal levels. Government benefits and tax credits can provide limited financial support year over year. Provincial and municipal supports differ depending on where you live.

I want to learn more about Down syndrome. Where should I start?

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