Down Syndrome Resources

The Canadian Down Syndrome Society aims to teach Canadians to “See the Ability”.


Picture the Possibilities


Community Resources for Down Syndrome

CDSS has a goal to educate everyone about the great things that people with Down syndrome can – and do – accomplish. We have provided a variety of general and current Down syndrome resources, as well as information about emerging studies and trends.

CDSS provides important information about Down syndrome to promote a better understanding across Canada.

CDSS encourages efforts of teachers and schools to foster fully inclusive classrooms through a number of resources.

CDSS aims to provide clear and correct information to all people in order to remove any stigma or misconceptions.

CDSS offers a wealth of Down syndrome medical information and resources for doctors, counsellors, parents and others.

CDSS Library of Down Syndrome Resources

Our library of community resources for Down syndrome information is vast and includes general information about Down syndrome, CDSS publications such as downloadable/printable online brochures, teacher and school information, employer and peer information, extensive sections on Down syndrome health information and new parent information, as well as a comprehensive list of Down syndrome facts in our frequently asked questions section.


CDSS has published important information in the form of handy guides for those who need more information on popular topics within the Down syndrome community.


Find clear and detailed information on a number of frequently asked questions about the Down syndrome community in Canada.