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Connecting Jobseekers to Employers in Canada

Did you know that over 50% of Canadians with Down syndrome struggle to find paid work? This overlooked workforce of diversely talented individuals deserves the same chance for meaningful employment as anyone else.

Since October 2022, Inployable has been creating employment opportunities by connecting jobseekers with Down syndrome to actively hiring employers through LinkedIn. The program has reached over 130 million people worldwide, creating awareness about stereotypes that can make it difficult for people with Down syndrome to find paid work.

By connecting jobseekers with Down syndrome to actively hiring employers in Canada, we are increasing the visibility of an underrepresented workforce that can help to solve the current labour shortage. 

Inployable has grown quickly since its launch in 2022, connecting to over 800 individuals on LinkedIn. In collaboration with our partners LinkedIn and Adecco, we are continuing to expand Inployable to feature more job opportunities, more talented jobseekers, and additional support for career building, inclusive hiring, and supportive employment professionals.

Help Create Employment Opportunities for Canadians with Down Syndrome


Looking for paid work? Join Inployable today and you’ll be featured to potential employers on LinkedIn, you’ll be able to browse Inployable job postings, and you will learn career-building tips from employment experts.

How to Join Inployable

Follow the three steps below to get started! 

Step 1

Join Inployable for free by leaving your name, email, and your city so that we can match you with job opportunities in your area.


Step 2

Follow the steps in the video below as Sean from LinkedIn walks you through how to add your LinkedIn profile to Inployable plus updates you can make to your profile to help you stand out! 

Step 3

Browse the LinkedIn Inployable page for new job postings, career-building tips, and workshop opportunities. You’ll also receive job postings directly to your inbox, along with expert advice on how to get noticed and hired! 

Book a Career-Building Workshop with LinkedIn for Your Classroom

Are you an educator working with individuals with Down syndrome and other intellectual disabilities? We have an excellent opportunity for your students to enhance their career-building skills and portfolios as they prepare to graduate. Your students will work virtually with a LinkedIn coach to set up a LinkedIn profile, learn how to showcase their skills, and get tips for building a portfolio.

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Ready to tap into a waiting workforce? Join Inployable today and find your next employee! You can browse for potential candidates through the Inployable page on LinkedIn, share job postings with the network, and access free inclusive employment resources and workshops. Companies like Cirque du Soleil, Bennet Jones LLP, and Lil E Coffee Café have already used Inployable to recruit talent and you can too!

Join Inployable

Location (Head Office)

Getting Started

Not Sure Where to Start? Follow Our Inclusive Employment Guide

The Inployable Guide for Employers was created using real-life questions and scenarios to help business owners and staff learn how to hire inclusively. Inside the guide, you will learn:

  • How to use person-first language
  • How to write an accessible job posting
  • How to evaluate your current recruitment practices
  • Tips and sample questions for interviewing candidates with Down syndrome
  • Successful onboarding strategies and practical workplace scenarios
  • How to use Inployable to recruit talent
  • Workshops and training available from employment disability experts like ODEN and CASE

Browse for Candidates on LinkedIn

Ready to start connecting with some new talent? Go to the Inployable LinkedIn page and click the “People” tab to view all of the current candidates. You can sort candidates by city, education, and work experience.

Submit a Job Posting

Share your job posting with the Inployable network to increase visibility and get more applications! Your posting will be shared with our jobseeker network through LinkedIn and email alerts.

Please send the job details including title, location, responsibilities, requirements, and salary to Sarah Caraher at SarahC@CDSS.ca.

Book the Introduction to Inployable Workshop for Your Team

Book the Introduction to Inployable workshop for your team to learn more about Down syndrome, person-first language, and inclusive employment best practices. The 30-minute private workshop includes a Q&A and is also available as a recording on request.

Please contact Sarah Caraher at SarahC@cdss.ca to book your workshop.

Help Canadians with Down Syndrome Find Paid Employment

Donate to support CDSS programs like Inployable and you will be helping to connect jobseekers looking for paid work with Canadian employers who are searching for new talent.


Do you have questions about Inployable? Find your answer below or connect with a LinkedIn Coach for help setting up your Inployable profile.

Is it free to join Inployable?

Yes, Inployable is 100% free for jobseekers and employers.

Will Inployable secure a job for me?

No, we do not facilitate the hiring process. Inployable helps individuals with Down syndrome find employment by featuring their profiles to employers on LinkedIn, curating and sharing inclusive job postings, and providing career-building support through education and resources. 

Are there job postings on Inployable?

Yes! We share new job postings regularly, so check the page often for new opportunities.

I'm confused about how to join. What do I do?

Watch the step-by-step walkthrough video of how to add your LinkedIn profile to Inployable. If you have further questions or concerns, please contact Sarah Caraher at SarahC@CDSS.ca.

How is Inployable different from LinkedIn?

Inployable profiles have three main differences from a regular LinkedIn profile:

1. They are featured on the Inployable network.

2. They feature additional skill options more representative of people with Down Syndrome.

3. The Inployable designation pop-up tells recruiters as soon as they visit a profile that it is part of the Inployable network and provides key information for contacting the individual and their support worker.

Which new skills were added to LinkedIn for Inployable?

Although we will continue to work with LinkedIn to add more skill options, these are currently available:

Repetition Oriented
Routine Oriented
Repetitive Data Entry
Physical Strength
Inventory Skills
Host Duties
Customer Greeter
Handy Work
Culture Builder
Low Absenteeism
Detail Oriented
Long-term Employment
Morale Booster
Physical Endurance

What is the "Inployable Designation Pop-Up?"

Each LinkedIn page will be equipped with a custom “Inployable” button below their profile name. When clicked, the button expands to display key information such as the types of jobs they’re interested in. They can also add the Inployable photo frame, letting employers, HR departments, and recruiters find potential employees at a glance.

How can a support agency use Inployable?

Inployable is a tool for support agencies who are trying to help individuals find employment. Consider it a resource when researching inclusive jobs.

Questions about Inployable?