Thank you for an incredible week!

National Down Syndrome Awareness Week teaches Canadians to “See the Ability” November 8, 2013.  As National Down Syndrome Awareness Week (NDSAW) draws to a close, the Canadian Down Syndrome Society (CDSS) thanks everyone for another successful week of events dedicated to raising awareness about Down syndrome. From November 1-7, 2013, thousands of Canadians celebrated the […]


Day 7: Paul and Anne

It is nice to have a friend to talk to about my life. And it makes me very happy and proud to be a close friend to her. – Paul about Anne   He is a genuine friend and cares deeply about people. If I’m unable to make it to work or if I’m running […]

Day 6: Shawn and Kearstyn

I believe everyone could use a friend like Shawn. He doesn’t judge anyone. He really is the ideal friend. You don’t have to pretend to be someone you’re not. Our friendship is easy which is how every friendship should be. I believe Shawn and I met for the first time in grade one. Although I […]



Day 5: Matthew and Gavin

I would like for people to see the ability in both Gavin and me. We are both different people and cannot be lumped together. We are from the same family but people need to see us for the things we can do and the gifts we can give instead of seeing the Down syndrome. My […]

Day 4: Aidan and Colin

When I hear other people talk about the difficulty of including people with Down syndrome or disabilities, it disappoints me. In every way Colin was always able to participate in my life. Colin was part of my family before I was born in 1993. My parents (Cheryl and Kirk) accepted Colin into our home on […]



Day 3: Mary Frances and Jean

Mary Frances informed us that Momma had told her three very important things: continue on just as you always have, not to be too hard on me and give me time to adjust to my new role. Our mother, in her infinite wisdom, had sowed the first seed in our journey. The Journey The transition […]

Day 2: Greg and Dan

There are thousands of people living with disabilities in our world. Thousands suffer from the injustice of discrimination and isolation placed on them by society and culture. Thousands are waiting for YOU to say hello. A simple hello can make a world of difference. By Daniel Rossi Never underestimate the impact and influence that someone […]



Day 1: Max and Libby

“Max has Down syndrome but I don’t even notice. He’s just my brother – I love him. I don’t know what I’d do without him. Everybody should have a brother like Max!” – Libby Anderson Watch the video below!

NDSAW: What To Expect

The Canadian Down Syndrome Society (CDSS) is proud to announce National Down Syndrome Awareness Week (NDSAW), November 1-7, 2013. NDSAW celebrates Canadians with Down syndrome and encourages Canadians to “See the Ability” in all people. Representing the campaign this year are the Anderson siblings, Maxwell and Libby, who are both three years old, from Fall […]