In support of Bede Vanderhorst and all people with Down syndrome who travel

In support of Bede VanderhorstBede Vanderhorst is a 16 year old boy with Down syndrome. He was not permitted on a flight with his family and his family thinks it is because he has Down syndrome. His parents paid to travel first class and they think that the airline didn’t want them in first class and that is why they kicked them off. If that is true, it was not fair because he has the same right as any other person to travel.

If this happened to me I would feel very sad and not want to get off the airplane. I fly by myself very often and this has never happened to me. I think this is because in my experience in Canada, people with Down syndrome are treated with respect. This respect is shown by the pilot along with the flight attendants. The passengers on the airplane also treat me with the respect. Because of this I feel very capable of flying when I am not with my parents.

I think if someone with Down syndrome pays for first class they have the same right as anyone else to travel this way. People who have Down syndrome should be treated with the respect when they do any traveling. If I were in this situation I would tell the staff that I have the same right as anyone else to travel. I should not be discriminated against just because I have Down syndrome. I think that if the pilot of the flight actually did tell Bede that he couldn’t be on the plane, the pilot should know that people with Down syndrome are not violent or dangerous and that they are capable of understanding the rules on an airplane.



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