Down Syndrome Conference


What is the Canadian Down Syndrome Conference?

The Canadian Down Syndrome Conference acts as a platform to share current developments and information from experts in their respective fields, as they relate to Down syndrome. Information in the fields of education, aging, health care, research, and advocacy will be shared with members of the community in the form of plenary/keynote speakers, panel discussions, and presentations.

The 32nd Canadian Down Syndrome Conference took place in Victoria, British Clumbia, May 10 to 12, 2019.

“The first few conferences I went to were about learning about my son. The next were about making his life as great as I could. Now that he’s a teenager, the conference has been about inspiration for his future.”

– Sheena, Parent Advocate

See the planned activities and programs of 2019’s Down syndrome conference.

Meet the speakers and special guests and learn about the sessions of 2019’s conference.

Who should attend the Down syndrome conference?

The conference is best suited for all people with Down syndrome, their families, their friends, and representatives from parallel organizations within the disability community. Other interested groups may include health care professionals and educational professionals.

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Conference Goals

Fulfill the Canadian Down Syndrome Society’s mission: “To empower Canadians with Down syndrome and their families. We raise awareness and provide information on Down syndrome through the prenatal, early childhood, school years, adulthood, and retirement stages of life.”

Create an opportunity for people with Down syndrome and their families to come together and develop relationships, learn and share, and connect with others from across the country.

Celebrate the accomplishments Canadians with Down syndrome have achieved this year, contributions they’ve made to their communities, and their role as an integral part of the family.

Use this opportunity to work directly with our membership to ensure that the CDSS is Canada’s national voice, representing citizens with Down syndrome, working towards a Canada where all are welcome, we embrace diversity, and we value everyone’s genes equally.

2018 Theme

Building Bridges

Upcoming and Past Locations

We are proud to have celebrated the conference in different cities across Canada. The conference location changes each year, with the hopes of reaching as many Canadians as possible.

Year City/Town Theme
1987 Calgary Growing Up With Down Syndrome
1988 Ottawa Symposium 88
1989 Victoria Preparing for the Year 2000
1990 Toronto Count Us In
1991 Halifax Down East, Learning Together
1992 Calgary Building Our Future
1993 Moncton Accept the Challenge
1994 Vancouver Opening Doors
1995 Niagara Falls Making a Difference
1996 Montreal Grow with Us/Grandir Avec Nous
1997 Edmonton Celebrate With Us
1999 Victoria Growing Together
2000 Sydney Welcome to the Millennium, We Rise Again
2001 Edmonton Making It Happen
2002 Winnipeg From the Heart
2003 Vancouver Explore Beyond
2004 St.John’s More Than Meets The Eye
2005 Waterloo Region Common Threads
2006 Vancouver World Down Syndrome Conference
2007 Calgary Ups and Downs
2008 Ottawa Celebrating the Next 20 Years
2009 Halifax .
2010 Regina .
2011 Vancouver .
2012 Toronto The 25th Anniversary
2013 Winnipeg Celebrate Diversity
2014 Fredericton Discover Hidden Potential
2015 Edmonton Celebrate with us in Festival City
2016 Montreal Under the Montreal Lights






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Building Bridges

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