What Impact Does A Child With Down Syndrome Have On A Family?

The best person to answer a question about Down syndrome is a person with Down syndrome. Dylan answers this one.


Having a child with Down syndrome is much like having any child. Children with Down syndrome are just like any other child and deserve support from their family.

Having a child with Down syndrome will affect everyone in your family: parents, siblings, grandparents, and extended family. We encourage you to download 21 Welcomes, which includes 21 stories from self-advocates, parents, siblings, and grandparents about what it was like to welcome a baby with Down syndrome into their families.

As reported in the American Journal of Medical Genetics Part A, researchers found that in 87 percent of families they surveyed, everyone – parents and siblings – said they loved their family member who had Down syndrome, and almost as many families said they felt pride for the child.

There may be some added stress because of therapies and health concerns but all provinces in Canada offer support to families for this.

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