For Parents & Families of
Children with Down Syndrome

The Canadian Down Syndrome Society is here to provide support for parents and families of children with Down syndrome.


Welcome to the Community!

CDSS works to advocate for and support people with Down syndrome by providing information, resources, and assistance, for parents and families of children with Down syndrome, professionals, and self-advocates. We aim to provide support throughout all life stages – prenatal, early childhood, school years, adulthood, and retirement – to help fulfill our vision, where “all people are valued, fully participating citizens.”

CDSS offers support and encouragement through all the ups and downs of a new baby with Down syndrome.

CDSS awareness efforts provide information and support throughout every stage of life from prenatal through retirement.

Our New Parent Visiting Program provides help for new parents from community members and advocates.


CDSS aims to provide clear and correct information to all people in order to remove any stigma or misconceptions.

CDSS Support for Families of Children with Down Syndrome

Our focus is on creating opportunities for parents and families to network and share information through the Canadian Down Syndrome Conference, foster community groups and resources through out events like Go 21, and providing education through our many publications like our New Parent Package, Educator Package, Mind & Body, and Employment Package.

Group Support for Parents and Families

Through working with our Board of Directors (comprised of community leaders and parent advocates). VATTA (CDSS’s steering committee) and our Affiliate Down syndrome support groups across the country, we have developed resources to help and encourage families and parents of children with Down syndrome. Whether you’re located in a major city or in a small community, we want to be able to provide you with direction or support when you need it

We also provide direct support to families through our information lines. If you want to contact someone in your local area, please visit our Affiliates and Local Groups page.

Are you a new parent of a child with Down syndrome?

Please See Our New Parents Section