Employment Planning Hub


The Canadian Down Syndrome Society Employment Planning Hub was designed to help guide career exploration and uncover employability skills

Whether you are helping a 14-year-old teenager with Down syndrome who is thinking about a part time job; an 18-year-old who is wondering what to do after high school or a 29-year-old who is reassessing what kind of career path to follow, or anywhere in between, this Employment Planning Hub was built for you!

The hub was designed to be used by people with Down syndrome along with their family supports and their employment service providers who can help them develop their personal career portfolios and achieve their employment goals.

Special Thanks to:
Down Syndrome Association of Hamilton who made a generous donation towards the development of this resource.
Real-Eyes Capacity Consultants for their contributions and One for the Wall Photography

If you have resource suggestions for the CDSS Employment Hub, please email awareness@cdss.ca and we will review your submission(s).

The information provided in this employment hub is not a recommendation, referral or endorsement of any resource, information or services listed. The Canadian Down Syndrome Society is not responsible for any information or service provided by third parties. You are urged to use independent judgment when considering any resource.