Meal Planning and Nutrition as an Adult with Down Syndrome

I have a system of meal planning with my roommate because we must know what to have for our meals every day. We always sit down and we discuss what to have for the morning for breakfast and for our lunches and our dinners. We use meal planning sheets and we do it every week. I write in the number of days and my preferences. I put things down and my roommate puts things down.
Paul Sawka writing his weekly meal plan.

My Meal Plan

I like to eat things like toast and eggs in the mornings, sometimes cereal, sometimes oatmeal. I usually have one hard boiled egg and a can of V8 along with toast for breakfast. My roommate boils the egg for me. I always have a can of V8 because it really helps me to stay so very strong and that is how I have a very good breakfast to start the day.

When the afternoon comes, I do have some or most of my lunches right at home and this is written on the meal plan. Sometimes I make my own sandwich by putting in some cheese and meat like pepperoni and even some peanut butter and barbecue sauce.  Anyone can come up with ideas for any sandwich. This was my own idea for my own sandwich and I make it right at home.

I do have a bigger bag for putting my lunch into so that I can take it to work over at the local cafe Friends every Wednesday and Thursday because I work there on these days.

My roommate always cooks dinner. I do rely on him to ask me to get my drink ready because I come out of my room and we eat dinner together every evening. After eating, I always help to fill the dishwasher and sometimes we run it. It is so very important that everything is clean, that is how to be so neat and very tidy when we are living in an apartment. Keeping things clean is part of really being independent in our own ways of our own lives.

Paul Sawka making his favourite sandwich.


I already know about foods that will help me to stay healthy. It is so very important to eat healthy so you will feel good and stay very strong. My advice for someone who wants to be healthier is to always stay very active and really get good exercise. You can choose the right foods that you will need every morning and afternoon and evening as well because that will keep you very healthy. Strawberries are good for a healthy snack and you can have them anytime during the day if you get hungry.
Paul Sawka prepares a meal.

Meal Preparation Skills

My parents taught me how to really learn about making some of my own breakfasts and lunches when I was 25 years old and I moved from their home to live in my apartment complex. Some meals that I can make on my own are a poached egg, oatmeal, an egg and cheese sandwich, smoothies, and waffles. I also happen to know how to make pancakes, Symon’s shepherd’s pie, mac and cheese, and a very good sandwich for lunch.

There are a lot of foods that I need some help to make like ribs, hamburgers, perogies, steak, fish and chips, and pizza.

I did a cooking class before when I was younger and then this year I took a cooking class with my friends at Ups N’ Downs through Food Impact.

I learned about kitchen safety, safety around hot stoves and hot pots, and how to chop things and cut things up. We learned how to make recipes like garlic knots, chicken, pulled pork tacos, soup, and triple berry crumble. This learning really helps me and can help me to be able to cook more in the long run.

Peanut Butter Pie Recipe

Peanut Butter Pie
I also really like to bake with my mom. One of my favourite recipes is Peanut Butter Pie:

This recipe makes 2 pies.

The ingredients that you will need are
– 2 chocolate graham cracker crusts
– 8 oz creamy peanut butter
– 8 oz cream cheese
– 1 Cup of icing sugar
– 16 oz (2cups) cool whip

Mix the peanut butter and cream cheese well in a mixer. Add the icing sugar, then fold in the cool whip and put the mixture into the pie crusts. Freeze and set out for a few minutes before serving.

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