Sports and Fitness

How can sports and fitness impact your life? We spoke to Paul Sawka, CDSS’s Awareness Leader, about the many activities he has enjoyed as a young man and into his 30’s. Paul’s decades of activities have helped him to make friends, feel healthy, and feel more involved in life.


I have been in the Calgary Dolphin Swim Club Program for 21 Years, I have learned to swim with this group. When I was young, I first started to learn about the strokes by doing them in the pool. It is a great part of my life, so I have kept up with the program.

As a Swim Club, we had to save Inglewood Pool from being torn down. Our Calgary Dolphin Swim Club Program was started there so far back in the past, and that is where we belong.

I go swimming three times a week: 7-8 every Monday night, Thursday evening 7-8, and 6-10 every Saturday morning. We always end every year with a Dad’s Breakfast and the Calgary Year-End Banquet.


I have been in the Special Olympic Curling Program ever since 2006 and that is a very long time to have been curling for. It has always been so great to be part of the curling world and to be with my Special Olympic friends when I am curling on every Sunday afternoon. And it’s good for some exercise. 

Curling this winter until April 2024 has been very good because I did go to the Winter Games in Strathcona. That is where I got a gold medal. My parents came to see the Winter Games to give me their support and love for curling, and that is why I am so very happy.


I go to the YMCA every day because I have a program there that I do to get moving. I exercise my body by rowing and leg machines and I do some weights and bike and even the track.

Exercising is all part of my sports training because it is how to get me really moving and it will always benefit me in all of the great and wonderful things that I do in my everyday life. It makes me feel so good to be very active and to keep me so very busy with many things in my life.

If I have any advice for someone who wants to learn about exercising, a very good way to learn is to get a Personal Trainer. That person can give you a program like I do at the YMCA every day, and it will benefit you and your everyday life just like me.

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