Paul’s “Champions” Movie Review

I went and saw the movie “Champions” the other day. This movie was about a new coach teaching a basketball team of people with different disabilities. They practiced and learned how to play as a team and how to really play basketball so they could have a chance of playing in the Special Olympic finals. The actors who played the basketball players on the team were people with all kinds of real disabilities including some with Down syndrome.


My favourite part of this movie was seeing them all playing basketball and how brave they were to rise to the top because they really had to practice a lot of skills and work together to become the champions, and they were very lucky to have such a great basketball coach.


I really loved the story very much and I would recommend this movie because it is so full of laughter.


I loved all the characters and I loved how the coach had the team practice really hard to perform well but also have lots of fun together. I really liked the actors in this movie. I thought they were very funny and did a great job!