Happy Father’s Day!

Ever since I was born I have grown up with my Dad and all of the wonderful things that he did with me. He is so very special to me and a very important person in my life. He was there to help me through the rough Covid-19 pandemic and has always been there for me.


The reason why Father’s Day is very important to me is because it is a wonderful day to celebrate having such a great Dad and to show him how important he is to me.


Maybe this Father’s Day I might be able to take my Dad out for lunch.


My Dad and I do many fun things together like playing golf or watching some sports on tv or live in the stadium.


My best memories of my Dad are after I was born knowing my Dad loves me so very much. We have done so many wonderful things together like making a treehouse for me and my sister.


Father’s day is also a day to celebrate Grandpas. I celebrate my Grandpa Young and all my wonderful memories with him in the past. He was a very nice and kind person to me and he loves me very much.