Paul Celebrates Halloween 2022

My plan for Halloween for this year is to be with my friends. We are going to watch a Halloween movie together. I will also be going to a Halloween Dance.

For the Halloween Dance, I am dressing up as the world’s fastest cow. I have no clue what my friends are dressing up as, but I know that we will have fun together for Halloween 2022!


Paul as the world's fastest cow for Halloween 2022

The world’s fastest cow!


I went out with many of my friends for a “Pumpkins after Dark” night two nights ago, and it was very good. We saw a lot out there and it was late so after I got home, I went right to bed.

I am looking forward to being with my friends at the Halloween movie night and the Halloween dance and having a lot of Halloween candy! That is what I love about Halloween every single year. We have good memories of past years. Halloween is always full of fun!

It really feels good to be free to be able to finally get back to seeing people again for Halloween celebrations. Celebrating Halloween with our friends will keep going forever in our hearts.

Happy Halloween from CDSS!