Paul Talks About the New Year & Goal Setting

CDSS: How did you celebrate the New Year?

Paul: In the past we would go to a restaurant for dinner and then go back home and play the horse race game with my parents, my girlfriend and another couple who are my parents’ friends. We’ve played that game with them for over ten years. We even have a champion cup for the winner and their name gets put on it. At midnight we would turn on the TV and watch the New Year come in with a champagne toast and lots of hugs. This year was different. We ordered a nice dinner from a near-by market and then played the horse race game virtually with my parents’ friends. At midnight we turned on the TV and live streamed fireworks from the top of the Calgary Tower. We still had our champagne toast and hugs, but it was just with my mom and dad.

CDSS: Do you normally make new year resolutions?

Paul: I do not normally make new year resolutions, but I do set personal goals at other times that I track. I may set new goals at the start of this new year.

CDSS: Have you ever made a resolution and done a really great job on it?

Paul: In October 2021 I made a commitment to myself to lose some weight before Christmas. My parents helped me by making a weight loss chart to track my progress and an eating record so I could track what I was eating. That record helped me to understand when I was making poor food choices and when I was making good choices. This helped me to change some of my eating habits and I was able to lose 6 pounds before Christmas! I am very happy that I was able to do that, and I have set a new goal to lose even more weight in 2022.

CDSS: What are your 2022 goals?

Paul: I have set three goals for 2022:

· I have been taking ukulele and voice lessons during 2021. For 2022 I would like to find a way to communicate my music experience to others. I would like to tell others about why music is important to me and how it helps me get through tough times.

· I lost some weight in 2021 and feel great about that. In 2022 I want to lose more weight and get in better physical shape. I will continue to watch what I eat and make good food choices as I did in 2021. I have also set up an exercise program at the YMCA to help me get in better shape.

· I enjoy baking with my mom. For 2022 I want to help more with cooking with my roommate and improve my cooking skills. I will start by doing more of the preparation of our meals and then I will work with my roommate to do more of the actual cooking.

CDSS: How did you decide on those goals?

Paul: I picked goals that are important to me. I know I need to focus more on my weight and my health in order to live a long time. I also love music and want to share that love with others.

CDSS: What is something that you would like to save up for and buy in 2022?

Paul: I like to travel and have missed doing it during the pandemic. I would like to save for more trips to see friends in Canada and to travel outside Canada too. I would like to go to Hollywood and to Paris.

CDSS: What are three things you look forward to in 2022?

Paul: In 2022 I am looking forward to:

· Going back to in-person activities like my courses at Mount Royal University and my sports at Special Olympics. I also want to celebrate a special birthday at a party with my friends.

· Doing more volunteering or other work. I like to be with people and want to have more opportunities to be with others.

CDSS: What’s one thing you learned in 2021 that will benefit you in 2022?

Paul: The most important thing I learned in 2021 was to be patient. There were lots of ups and downs in 2021 and every time I thought things were getting back to normal there was a setback. There were new waves of the virus and restrictions were put on and taken off. I was very frustrated with all of this and had to learn to be patient.

At the end of 2021 I thought Christmas and the new year would be more like normal, but the new variant has caused problems. It looks like I will have to continue to be patient in 2022.

CDSS: What’s one bad habit that you want to break in 2022?

Paul: I have a habit of turning to food when I feel bored or down about something. I want to break that habit and I have already started with my ‘eating record’. It has helped me to see when I eat too much of something or make poor food choices, this has helped me to make better choices. I want to do more of this in 2022.

CDSS: Is there anything new you want to learn this year?

Paul: I like cooking and want to learn more and do more of that in 2022. I think that doing more cooking rather than depending on prepared foods will help me to be healthier.