Holiday Family Traditions

Celebrating the Season

Hi, it’s me Paul, your CDSS Awareness Ambassador! I’m excited to share my holiday family traditions with you – the things we do together that make this time so special. This is a special time of the year for me and for lots of other people as well. Each family does different things to make their winter full of holiday cheer.

Let’s start in the middle of November, that’s when my mom makes Christmas cakes. The house smells so good! She keeps baking until just before Christmas. My dad helps too – he makes candies and chocolates that taste amazing. We have a lot of treats around this time!

At the end of November, something cool happens. We all get together to make perogies. They’re like dumplings, and we make a bunch of them. They are made from potatoes and filled with cheese. We share them with each other and they last a really long time. Perogies are my favourite!

Now, when Grey Cup weekend arrives, we have two traditions. The first is to watch the game because I love football. The other is that this is the weekend when it’s time to make our house look super pretty. We decorate it with Christmas lights, ornaments, and wreaths. I love how our house sparkles with all the lights. It feels magical.

I hope you have a happy holiday!

Paul Sawka