Being an Adult with Down Syndrome

Me at Work

Me at Work

I am a working adult and I expect people to treat me the way that a 25-year-old man should be treated. I would like to be treated with respect for my choices in my every day life. I show respect to the people in my family and life and I expect them to return this respect. I can show my mom and dad that I am capable of everything any other adult is capable of. Sometimes I still need help with things but this does not mean I want to be treated like a child. I also have lots of support from the Down syndrome community and I am happy to be part of that community.

It is very important to not underestimate people with Down syndrome. It is not fair to have expectations that are too high, but we are still capable of many things. Expectations are important because they help you set and achieve goals. I have expectations for myself and because of those expectations I was able to achieve some great things. I was also able to make goals for myself like moving out with my girlfriend. It is important to have expectation for kids with Down syndrome so that as they get older they can make goals and achieve their goals.



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